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Posted by scotsteacher

I am a primary probationer in Edinburgh. My mentor (DHT) said that I shouldn't be looking, or applying, for jobs until June. Is this the case? There are a few jobs advertised now on various council websites, but it is unclear whether those are for 2009-10.

Posted by wise-owl

I, too, have asked this question and the response has varied from January to April! I have also been told the GTCS documentation states you can apply for jobs in April, providing your HTmentor is confident you will meet the standard for registration and in your application you state that you are on schedule to achieve that in JuneJuly. It is all a bit hearsay.

Posted by scotsteacher

I've just spoken to the GTC and they said it depends upon the local authority. Normally, they said, it is around AprilMay, as that is the time that you will be sure you are on track. Having said that, if a job is advertised now with a start date of August 2009, there is nothing to prevent us applying as long as we clearly state that we are part of the induction scheme and, all things being equal, will gain full registration, come JulyAugust. The GTC was very clear that we should not leave it until June, as all the posts will have gone!

Posted by jhp06220

Don't worry about it till your Easter break, and then start applying for all local supply and jobs. Just get yourself through the year first. Good luck!

Posted by winaukee

Apply for jobs from January onwards unless the advert specifically says applications from probationers are not welcome. A couple of years ago, when I was a probationer, I applied to two jobs in Jan, had the interviews in Feb and was offered both. The schools were under the impression that I was worth the wait. My partner did the same and also found a job just after Easter. If nothing else, you will get valuable interview experience. Even if your local authority offers you a job, it may take them till June to get round to interviews. Then if things go pear-shaped, you are left with no job and little chance of securing one.

Posted by allybally

This year, it was February 29 when the first jobs with an August start date were advertised (in my subject, anyway) and there was a steady trickle all the way through to the summer holidays., click on Scotland, Probationers.

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