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Chatroom - Who else has no work?

Posted by tracyshorty

I'm now starting my third year on the supply list with only one local authority, as I can't get on others in my area. I phoned the council and knew what the woman was gonna say before she said it - all temp work has gone to probationers from last year. Can't believe it, seeing as I didn't manage to get any contracts in my first year out.

Posted by joyfulflute

If you look in the stats in TESS (August 21), it is clear that probationers are also getting a raw deal. I am two years out of probation and nothing so far this year.

Posted by Si N. Tiffick

My LA is massaging the post-probation employment figures as well as getting the cheapest possible teachers in the classrooms - newly-qualified teachers have been given all the long-term contracts, leaving those of us who've been struggling on the supply list for years with nowt.

Posted by Rozwell

I had no work last year and ended up doing other things. I thought I would try again this year and was told that, as I didn't work last year, I had been removed from the supply list and had to reapply. Since reapplying, I have been called in for disclosure, but no interview. Apparently, I will only be interviewed when they have exhausted their supply list.

Posted by Andy00

It would be interesting to know how many people who qualified as teachers have left teaching or gone on to do other things, due to lack of work.

Posted by treeno2

I'm an experienced teacher temping as a receptionist at a recruitment agency and can't believe the number of teachers looking for work - even had a depute head on the phone today.

Posted by Rozwell

Went to the Scottish Learning Festival as it's the only free CPD I'll be getting this year and came away feeling so demoralised that I don't have a class to teach!

Posted by joyfulflute

Yes! Did you hear lots of teachers complaining that they weren't prepared and trained to deliver Curriculum for Excellence? I was thinking "I can do it, I can do it, give me a job and get rid of all these unimaginative teachers!", then go to Forums and Supply teachers.

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