Cheap and nasty

RAY Richardson is an expert on performance pay, but he's worried people will think he's an NUT stooge. The respected London School of Economics prof wrote the report the union has been waving at ministers in protest at performance related pay.

Now he's setting the record straight. He told a conference at the union's stately home - sorry, training centre - in Stoke Rochford, Lincs, that he had a blunt answer when he was asked to write"an independent report showing why it was misconceived".

Not having read the Government's plans yet, they could have an independent report or a hatchet job, but not both.

And with admirable academic integrity he added: "I was happy to do either ...

but I'd charge differently."

The tightwads chose the cheaper independent report. And once he'd read the Green Paper, it turned into a hatchet job anyway. Hooray!

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