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Check for mark of supply quality

It is disheartening to read that most schools and teachers are ignoring the Government's Quality Mark scheme for supply agencies and education authorities ("Thousands will retire with zero pension", TES, June 9) - they are the ones who will face the consequences.

The Quality Mark represents a basic standard that education employment agencies and local education authorities need to meet. For example, it guarantees that all candidates undergo face-to-face interviews.

If only 8 per cent of schools actively look for this mark when recruiting, then they could be opening themselves up to employing less qualified and experienced supply staff.

Perhaps schools need to be educated about the importance of the Quality Mark and selecting supply staff from the best possible sources, instead of assuming that all LEAs and agencies aim for the same standards.

Supply teachers make an important contribution to the smooth running of schools, but we all need to ensure that they are recruited and managed well to allow them to give their best.

John Dunn

Director, Select Education plc

Laporte Way, Luton

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