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Check out Barnaby's site

If you missed him on television when he won his Yahoo Pick of the Year award last month, you really should check out 13-year-old schoolboy Barnaby Blackburn's inspiring website, I Am There's even a detailed history of his education (statemented at five and diagnosed dyslexic at eight). Don't let the private education put you off (Barnaby is a day student at Charterhouse), the insights for learners, teachers and schools go across the board, and they are rich. Barnaby helpfully describes his obstacles to learning and highlights some of the successful solutions. Not surprisingly, technology has played a central role in his success.

Barnaby's business instincts are also highly developed. He sells software programs through his website at pound;10 a time. You can read an interview with him in the next issue of TES Online magazine (March 14).

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