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Checklist: Visiting your school

* Getting to know your school helps you to raise standards and gain insight into the problems faced by staff.

* Governors making a visit are delegates of the governing body and should report back to the full governing body.

* Make governors' visits part of a general programme.

* They should be focused, have a clear objective and be carried out in a sensitive manner.

* Make the task of monitoring more manageable by examining a small number of aspects of the work of the school. For example, the key areas set out in the school development plan or the OFSTED action plan.

Some of the questions governors might ask include: * Is the work differentiated for more or less able pupils?

* Are all pupils challenged and involved?

* Are expectations high?

* Are there good quality resources?

* Are pupils sufficiently skilled in reading, writing, listening, talking and numeracy?

* Are they motivated?

* Do they co-operate?

* Are they interested in the subject and enjoying their work?

* Does the teacher's work seem well planned and prepared?

* Has it clear and appropriate goals both for the group as a whole and for individuals?

* Is there a variety of teaching styles and learning activities?

* Is the content and teaching style matched to pupils needs?

* Is good work displayed?

* Is the teaching environment conducive to good teaching and learning?

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