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Cheers for early signs of change

I wonder if I was alone in giving a cheer when I read the article about Sir Anthony Greener's comments (TES, January 23).

For those who missed this, the Qualifications and Curriculum Authority chairman was reported as saying that ministers are wasting millions in duplicate organisations, pointless conferences and strategies, a deluge of glossy brochures and endless wish-lists.

To hear such honest common sense coming from such a senior figure was utterly refreshing. If Hughie Green's clapometer could have measured the applause from teachers for these comments it would have gone way into the red.

There are some clues in the North of England speech of David Miliband, minister for school standards, that maybe the Government is at last beginning to shift in its thinking.

At last it is moving towards a system of school self-evaluation, less central bureaucracy and more trust.

These are only early signs but if the Government does move in this direction then schools will flourish, workload will be reduced, recruitment will be helped and the clapometer will again go into the red.

As an eternal optimist I believe "the times they are a' changing."

Sean Flynn Headteacher St Thomas More school Darlaston Lane Walsall

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