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Cheers for Henry

HOORAY FOR MATHS Age range 5-14 HOORAY FOR SPELLING Age range 7 + Lander Software, 1 Atlantic Quay, Glasgow, G2 8JE CD-Rom for PC Pounds 19.99.

Lander has an excellent reputation for the high quality of its software. These are the latest CD-Rom versions of two successful programs, Hooray for Henry and Hooray for Henrietta. It is gratifying to note that the supplied versions will run in Dos, Windows 3.1 and also Windows 95. Perhaps other software houses can do the same Q not everyone wants to convert to Windows 95 yet!

Hooray for Maths comprises a series of questions on the four rules, or on tables, which, when answered correctly, release Hopeless Henry from various predicaments involving John the Parrot who has captured Henry before his wedding to Henrietta. The pupil chooses the starting level, and at the end of the sequence of exercises, if the pupil has done well, the program offers the opportunity to proceed at the next level.

Hooray for Spelling has a similar format, with Henrietta, now married to Henry, trying to rescue him from the clutches of the witch Morgana, who has changed Henry into a frog. The pupil has to complete five word challenges (anagrams and hangman) collecting a letter each time as a result. Using the five magic letters to spell a further word correctly leads to Henry being restored to his normal self.

Both programs have a high degree of flexibility. For example, in Hooray for Maths, the level of difficulty of the questions as well as their type can be altered, and the time allowed for reply can be increased or decreased.

In Hooray for Spelling, the supplied word lists can be edited, and teachers can compile their own list. Word lists are also supplied in French, German, Spanish and Italian, with the correct accents if required.

The graphics on these programs are of a high order, with sections using impressive 3-D techniques. The help sections, the flexibility of the settings, and the sheer enjoyment provided, mean that they can be of real use in the classroom.

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