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Chef Jamie leaves a nasty taste

Jamie Oliver is now rarely seen without a halo. The celebrity chef's previous television series saw him saving a group of disaffected youngsters. His latest effort puts him in a similar role in the school canteen, pulling his hair out at the "scrotum burgers" our pupils eat.

But at an away day for Islington senior staff in St Albans last week, Islington Green head Trevor Averre-Beeson had an interesting take on the "St Jamie" image. It seems Jamie's producers used Islington Green during research for their show but decided against it as a location. (Maybe the uncontracted meals were too good?).

Anyway, as a thank-you, Jamie promised to open a refurbished canteen at Islington Green. In the event, however, he failed to turn up, sending a factotum instead. "We've got a very nice plaque saying he was there, though," Trevor says.

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