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Chemical pathways

THE ICHEME 75TH ANNIVERSARY CD-ROM. CD-Rom for Multimedia PCs, free from Alicia Warden, Institution of Chemical Engineers, Davies Building, 165-189 Railway Terrace, Rugby, CV21 3HQ

The Institution of Chemical Engineering (IChemE) is celebrating its 75th anniversary this year. To mark the event it has produced a CD-Rom which focuses on chemical engineers and what they do. And it's free.

Aimed firmly at the secondary schoolsixth-form level, the CD-Rom provides a rich source of information on the different industry sectors that chemical engineers work in. Case studies show real people solving problems in areas such as pharmaceuticals, food, cosmetics and biotechnology. The expertise of chemical engineers involved in the development of many everyday products we take for granted helps to show the relevance of the profession to us all.

In addition there is a careers angle. Each industry case study has an option which focuses on the individual chemical engineer, providing a brief "biography" illustrating the different degrees and career paths that chemical engineers can choose. Details given of the universities which run chemical engineering courses will help anyone thinking of entering the profession.

The case studies are clearly presented through short video sequences. Commentary provided by the chemical engineer involved is relevant and straight forward. Navigation is a simple process aided by a smartly designed interface.

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