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Chemistry - How to get a good reaction

What is it?

"Chemistry" is an introduction to the range of topics and resources available for secondary school, which has been chosen by Dr Richard Spencer, a TES science adviser and learning development manager at a sixth form college in North East England.

How to use it

S1-3 resources include a series of cards on chemical reactions, which can be used to assess initial knowledge and show pupils how their knowledge of key words is increasing (uploaded by 2006dragon).

A PowerPoint from mba06ht looks at how compounds are made, while a set of three worksheets from Chemistry_teacher looks at reactivity. The first is an observation sheet, where pupils record what they saw when metals reacted with water, acid and oxygen, and can be used to complete a reactivity series; the second is a collection of word equations for pupils to complete, and the third is an information sheet using different analogies to explain displacement reactions.

Activities include a particles loop game from hamnphillips and a game from suzysmith, based on the TV quiz Blockbusters, where pupils have to identify different types of rocks to form a chain across the board.

For S4-6, resources include a worksheet with instructions on the rainbow fizz experiment, from lbrackenbury, and materials to teach Groups I and VII in the periodic table from dudette2001uk. Questions on oils and combustion, from HarrisSchool, can be used for a whole-class quiz.

A PowerPoint from aurwin looks at the Haber process as a reversible reaction, including illustrations of the "compromise" conditions for temperature and pressure and the reasons for them.

Where to find it

The collection can be found at

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