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Child care as a career for men

We would like to clarify one or two points in the article (TESS, November 8) by Tariq Tahir about the recent Men and Childcare Scotland training event. It is increasingly recognised in the European context that it is good for children to have positive male role models from an early age, and especially important in the context of growing numbers of lone parent families which are more often than not headed by mothers. In some circumstances, children do not have much experience of male role models before they reach secondary school.

It is also a constant source of frustration that employment in child care and education is still seen as low-status and low-paid, and therefore usually women's work.

One of our main aims in carrying out work in this area is therefore to promote raising the status of work in child care and education, first and foremost to benefit children. If this becomes a more attractive career option for men as well as for women, it can only be good for all concerned.

CELIA CARSON Early years development officer Children in Scotland IAN MAXWELL Information officer One Parent Families Scotland

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