Child health review urged

A wide ranging review of services affecting children's health is overdue, a voluntary organisations seminar has been told. A meeting is being sought with Sam Galbraith, the Health Minister.

"A range of factors impinge on children's health and well-being, including the social, the environmental and the hereditary," Pat Ternaman, a development officer at the Scottish Early Years Forum, said. "Complex circumstances require complex solutions, involving all relevant agencies."

The seminar was arranged by Stepping Stones in Scotland, Children in Scotland and Save the Children. They hope that a ministerial meeting will follow the Scottish Office review under way on acute health services for children.

Isobel Lawson, director of Stepping Stones, said children themselves should be listened to. "This tends to be avoided with very young children because they are not articulate." There were innovative ways to tackle this, such as the use of drawings, she said.

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