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Children's books: For what we are about to receive

Geraldine Brennan selects top titles for autumn from the UK publishers' stands at the international children's book fair at Bologna.

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Autumn 2001


The Young Oxford Encyclopedia of Science Oxford University Press Consultant editor Richard Dawkins Almost 300 articles, 1300 illustrations and an associated website. INFORMATION BOOKS

Shakespeare: his work and his world By Michael Rosen Illustrated by Robert Ingpen Walker Books Opens with a moonlight flit from Shakespeare's first theatre north of the Thames to the site of the Globe. Builds enthusiasm for the Bard ("Watching Shakespeare's plays is like being invited into a house full of amazing rooms") before a closer look at A Midsummer Night's Dream, Macbeth, Lear and The Tempest.

How Did They Do That? great building stories of the past By Peter Kent Oxford University Press The engineering and technology achievements of the major civilisations, illustrated by the author. Includes the Great Pyramid, the Great Wall of China, Beauvais Cathedral and the Woolworth Building in New York. Yikang's Day (from China) by Sungwan So; Polina's Day (from Russia) by Andrey Ilyin Campos; Cssio's Day (from Brazil) by Maria de Fatima Campos; Wii Kwei's Day (from Ghana) by Francis Provenal and Catherine McNamara Frances Lincoln New titles in the photographic series that opened with Geeta's Day look at the lives of city and country children. Future books will visit Vietnam, South Africa, Lapland, Peru and Egypt. PICTURE STORY BOOKS

My Sister Sharazad: tales from the Arabian Nights By Robert Leeson Illustrated by Christina Balit Frances Lincoln The greatest hits of the 1001 ("Aladdin", "Ali Baba" and lesser known tales) linked by the younger sister who watches the storyteller keep a step ahead of her executioner. A Glass Heart: a tale of three princesses By Sally Gardner Orion Children's Books The persistent and devoted page, Valentino, spends three years training to be a glassblower so that he can woo the fragile youngest daughter in "the city built on water". But what happens to the middle sister who already has a cracked heart?

Scritch Scratch By Miriam Moss Illustrated by Delphine Durand Orchard Books Miss Calypso's class has nits, and it's all her fault. PICTURE BOOKS FOR OLDER READERS

In Search of a Homeland: the Story of the Aeneid By Penelope Lively Illustrated by Ian Andrew Frances Lincoln A companion to Rosemary Sutcliff's Odyssey and Iliad . Jim's Lion By Russell Hoban Illustrated by Ian Andrew A sick child resolves his fears ("they might send me somewhere I can't get back from") when a nurse teaches him that he has a "finder" who will reach him in his dreams.

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