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Children's Books : On the wings of time

The Supernaturalist By Eoin Colfer Puffin pound;12.99 hbk

Jumpman: rule 1 By James Valentine Corgi pound;4.99

A Coyote's in the House By Elmore Leonard Puffin pound;9.99 hbk

The Gladiators of Capua By Caroline Lawrence Orion pound;7.99 hbk

Jason and the Gorgon's Blood By Jane Yolen and Robert J Harris Collins Children's Books pound;5.99

Biggles and Co; Biggles Flies West; Biggles in France; Biggles in Spain; Biggles and the Black Peril, Biggles Goes to War; Biggles and the Rescue Flight; Biggles and the Cruise of the Condor By Captain W E Johns Red Fox pound;4.99 each

Fans of Eoin Colfer's Artemis Fowl novels will not be disappointed by The Supernaturalist , a superbly cinematic book that will grip good readers of 11 and over.

Jumpman , by Australian James Valentine, is also set in the future, in 15 billion and 73, to be precise (counting from the Big Bang), where time travel or "time jumping" is commonplace.

Cult author Elmore Leonard unleashes another fresh voice in his first children's book, A Coyote's in the House.

The Gladiators of Capua is the eighth title in the "Roman Mysteries" series, and anyone between the ages of nine and 12 who hasn't come across them could spend a happy summer immersed in Roman history.

Jane Yolen and Robert J Harris do for the Ancient Greeks what Caroline Lawrence does for the Romans in the Before They Were Heroes series, which started with Odysseus in the Serpent Maze. In this second book, a young Jason is presented with the challenge of finding the jars of Gorgon's blood stolen from Chiron's cave.

Finally we have the recent, stylishly jacketed reissues of the classic action-packed Biggles books.nbsp;nbsp;

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