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Children's fiction: Funny and not so peculiar

Pongwiffy: The Spellovision Song Contest By Kaye Umansky Illustrated by David Roberts Puffin pound;4.99

The Beak Speaks By Jeremy Strong Puffin pound;3.99

Free Lance And The Lake of Skulls By Paul Stewart and Chris Riddell Hodder Children's Books pound;9.99

When The Circus Came To Town By Polly Horvath Scholastic pound;4.99

Hooray! A new Pongwiffy book. In this one, Spellovision - Witchway Wood's term for television - is a new fad, with programming still in development. Kaye Umansky has her wicked way satirising lame scripts and a fair bit of fun playing with TV titles. The Spellovision soap opera? Gnome And Away , of course!

A programme called Goblins In Cars enjoys a rosy patch, but soon everyone gets bored with all but the News and Pongwiffy suggests the Spellovision Song Contest to get people watching the box again. Her sidekick familiar, a hamster called Hugo, provides assorted deadpan humour from The Little Book of Hamster Wit and Wisdom.

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