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Chinese secrets taken away

THE secrets of classic Chinese dishes are to be taught to catering students at a Manchester college by leading oriental chefs, writes Michael Prestage.

It follows a partnership between South Trafford College, Altrincham, and the award-winning Yang Sing restaurant in Manchester's Chinatown.

Chinese restaurants traditionally use chefs from Hong Kong or China, but the Yang Sing wants to have a pool of local talent.

The restaurant will oversee the training of the first students taking a specially-tailored course in oriental cuisine at national vocational qualification level 2.

The best students on the 29-day course will be offered jobs in the Yang Sing's two new restaurants.

Head chef Wing Shing Chu said other restaurants in Chinatown were watching the initiative and there was support in the Chinese community for recruiting European chefs.

He said: "It is difficult to find Chinese chefs and we would like to give an opportunity to local people in Manchester. There is no reason why they should not make good chefs."

He hopes that staff at the Yang Sing will take the qualifications offered by the college.

Graham Fleming said the partnership with the Yang Sing was the latest brokered by the college with leading restaurants in an industry where there was an acute shortage of trained staff.

Fortunately for the prospective staff at the restaurants a rule has been imposed to make life easier. The language in the kitchen will be English not Cantonese.

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