Choke back the cheers

I am delighted at the example being set by 19 of our most prestigious, not to say most expensive, independent schools in withdrawing from the A-level league tables (TES, August 23).

How right is Mr Best, of Kingswood school, in saying that parents should take other factors into account when choosing a school.

Certainly, when I was choosing a school for my own children, annual fees of pound;10,000 and the fact that they would only mix with a highly-unrepresentative cross-section of rich kids weighed heavily in my final decision.

Other factors included the inability of our benefits system to recognise that my own children needed to attend such a school, and my fear that they would be alienated from their local community.

Three cheers for such a principled stand - and to The TES for giving it such prominence.

Pat Smith Flat 94 Mullgate House St Georges Square, Portsmouth

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