Chuck out the moisturiser?

So what is better for the skin? An afternoon with Year 9 or a dollop of Pounds 100-per-pot Creme de la mer? The Teacher Training Agency's new recruitment ad says educating teenagers beats any anti-wrinkle cream. To accuse the teachers who have complained to the Advertising Standards Authority of a sense of humour failure is to miss the point. A study could be more fun than Germaine Greer's exit from Channel 4's Celebrity Big Brother.

Since science teachers are being urged to defend controversial technologies, why not rope them in to research cream vs kids, perhaps using some of the recruits featured in TES First Appointments?

But the research could have more get-out clauses than a double-glazing salesman. Do you use engaging moppets for the disputed ad campaign, or real kids? And do you assume that anti-wrinkle creams actually work?

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