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Cinema and curriculum

English at KS2

Scriptwriting and storyboarding can be used for work on composition (choose form and content to suit a particular purpose; use features of layout, presentation and organisation effectively), planning and drafting (to develop their writing and on (computer) screen, pupils should be taught to plan, draft, revise, proofread, present, discuss and evaluate their work).

Science at KS2

Aspects of model making are useful for work on materials and their properties (compare everyday materials and objects on the basis of their material properties, incluing hardness, strength, flexibility) and changing materials (describe changes that occur when materials are heated or cooled).

Animation software

StoryMaker from SPA at

Stagecraft Creator from Tag Learning at

Hyperstudio at


BBC at

Internet Movie Database at

The history of computer animation at www.wam.umd.edudanfengl

The life of animator Ray Harryhausen at http:lavender.fortunecity.comJudidench584harryhis.html

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