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Circle time confession

most primaries are familiar with circle time. Less familiar is its founder's floor show. Jenny Mosley was in sparkling form when she addressed Catholic primary heads who, like most, prefer to sit back and absorb (page four).

No such luck with Mosley. "When you came in from coffee did you think: 'I hope we don't have any silly games or role play - she looks the sort'?"

Hollow laughter from the rear.

Mosley was recently working in Ireland where she was delighted to learn about the three stages of teaching: idealism, realism . . . and alcoholism.

Obviously a reference to the night before at the heidies' bash.

And so Mosley invited her audience to confess how they had lifted the morale of staff in the past year.

"I retired," said an honest head.

"I got rid of my depute," said another.

See circle time, see honesty.

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