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Circus at a crossroads

Heather Neill finds out what's new in the Big Top

Roll up! Roll up! A most unusual circus experience awaits you if you make your way to the Dream Factory in Warwick between next Wednesday and September 15. Circ.Chicane promises to be "an epic adventure at a crossroads" performed by 26 young artists from the West Midlands. Alumni of gym clubs, dance and theatre schools have trained for a year in such exotic disciplines as "tissu" (intertwining yourself choreographically with other performers and lengths of cloth), aerial ropes, contortion, hand-to-hand balance and hoop-diving, which (it says here) "dates back to the Ming dynasty of the 13th century originally enabling the acrobat to rush through a narrow space in the style of a flying swallow". All this is organised by Playbox Theatre, known for its work with young people, and directed by the international circus expert and choreographer, Deborah Pope. Tickets: 01926 419555. Info: There is more death-defying movement at the Purcell Room on London's South Bank on September 11 and 12. In Motionhouse Dance Theatre's Fearless, dancers dive on to an inflatable floor, shimmy on Escher-inspired steps and hurl themselves across platforms in a frantic world where figures appear and disappear. Tickets: 020 7960 4242; If you have taken a school group to the Globe's controversial Macbeth, or are planning to, you may like to question the director (master of play in Globe parlance), Tim Carroll on September 5 at 6pm. Macbeth (Jasper Britton) will be in the hot seat on September 15 and other characters on September 1 and 12. Tickets: 020 7401 9919. Info:

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