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Citizens unite

Before the advent of modern technology, signals from Whitehall took 12 minutes to reach ships in Portsmouth harbour by semaphore. Today the Ministry of Defence uses some of the most sophisticated ICT available.

Some of this plays a role in the schools programme designed by the MOD schools adviser team. but technology is not the core message, says Paul Shields. "It's all about citizenship. There is a focus on the world as a global community and the diverse backgrounds of citizens in the UK."

The half-day, in-school sessions led by the Defence Schools Presentation Team comprise a presentation on the MOD, workshops on Afghanistan, ethnic minorities and veterans, role-play of an international crisis and a press conference run by pupils. The citizenship themes they develop include the global community and skills of enquiry and communication.

International crisis simulations on CD-Rom will be available free to schools from next month.

www.mod.ukschools Stand A9

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