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ACROSS AND BEYOND. Citizenship for Primary Schools. BBC Educational Publishing pound;19.99.

This book and video resource pack does exactly what it says on the box. It offers inspiring and practical ways of incorporating citizenship across and beyond the primary curriculum.

Across and Beyond is refreshing because it brings together more than 15 well-respected organisations. This creates an engaging selection of whole-school and curriculum-based activities, on local, national and global levels. There are activities on animal welfare from the RSPCA, fair trade from Oxfam, Agenda 21 from WWF, children's rights from Amnesty International, school councils from School Councils UK, and more. Good to see a citizenship resource promoting partnership.

The pack contains an hour-long video showing children involved in citizenship activities. It is indexed and would be n excellent prompt to motivate children and staff. The accompanying 80-page teacher's book contains clear advice on teaching citizenship, tried and tested lesson plans, photocopiable activity sheets and a list of resources and contacts.

All the activities encourage pupils to assess evidence, negotiate, make decisions and solve problems. The most successful activities promote real participation. Here, children make choices that affect their own lives - for example, to improve the ethos of their playground or do voluntary work. Even the less successful activity sheets contain plenty a teacher could work with.

This pack will prove an invaluable resource. It will help you to weave a range of meaningful citizenship activities into the fabric of your school and your children's lives.

Gillian Temple is head of schools at the Commonwealth Institute

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