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* Key themes: equality, rights and making change. CE Links: 1a, 1f, 2a, 2b, 2c, 3a in CE Programmes of Study at KS 34). Help pupils to create a project that investigates (local) provision for people with disabilities, and aims to improve it. Research material in the Paralympics article to pose questions, find evidence, and raise issues.

Consider: "What is a disability?" (definitions, types, levels, stereotypes, discrimination); "What is equality?"; "What human rights and responsibilities are involved here?"; "What provision is made for and by people with disabilities in schoolthe wider community?"; "How could we improve this provision?"; "Does the Paralympics help to improve society? If so, how did it start, and how does it help?".

Create displays of discussions, research (access in local shops?), surveys, human rights, and events. Involve local media if the project takes off!

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