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KS2 Try a "thinking frame" activity using an image of Aktar, eg "Akbar as a boy" www.wsu.edudeeMUGHALMUGHAL.HTM Provide some very brief background about who he was. Display the image on a whiteboard or on a large piece of paper and write prompt words (What? When? Where? Who? Why? How?) around it. Ask pupils in pairs to generate questions using the six prompts and write them up. Share possible answers. Having modelled the process, repeat the exercise using other images of Mughal emperors (and perhaps of the Taj Mahal). The class can vote on the best questions for each "prompt". Pairs then swap paintings and attempt questions agreed by the class. In a plenary discuss why the image these emperors projected mattered and why "image" still matters for leaders today.

KS3 What is the best way to lead a country? List the changes that Babur, Akbar and Aurangzeb brought to India. Explain how they ruled - eg by force or consent. Who was the most successful of the three? What are the most important qualities that political leaders need in the 21st century? In what ways do modern leaders provide a different kind of leadership from that of the Mughal emperors?

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Peter Brett

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