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Citizenship arrest

The Citizenship Foundation has attacked suggestions that the subject should be axed. Conservative education advisers recently suggested scrapping citizenship on the grounds it had "failed". They wanted the topic covered by the subject to be dispersed across the curriculum. Tony Breslin, the foundation's chief executive, said: "That's exactly what used to happen and young people did not leave school knowing how democracy operates." Sean Lang, chair of the History Practitioners Advisory Team which produced the report, said that citizenship had not worked as a separate subject partly because many of its teachers were not specialists. "Whatever the good intentions [behind the introduction of citizenship as a separate subject], it has failed," he said. Citizenship, he said, was not a subject with a body of knowledge to be taught but a set of "outcomes" expected of pupils, such as being good citizens. It should not, therefore, be taught separately. Tony Breslin, page 21

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