Citizenship - Crime and democracy

What is it?

An unusual coupling of crime and democracy features in this set of videos assembled by Teachers TV. The material is intended to get classes thinking and, as usual, to act as a starting point for discussion.

Getting started

A couple of videos on democracy start from very different standpoints - the first and third worlds. Students in the UK are being encouraged to "engage with democracy" and with political ideas. One teacher believes that "student-led lesson content" is the answer to this engagement, while another underlines the importance of student involvement in school and college management - challenging approaches for the authorities. Meanwhile, the second video features Somalian-born refugee Hodan Addawe, who was sent alone to England for safety, education and the chance of a better life. Hodan wanted what most children would want, for her parents to be with her. A teacher from City Academy Bristol recognised her needs and suggested she might try and campaign for their entry in the UK. Can a young child really be expected to take on central government and win, the programme asks? A similar, perhaps less heart-tugging question is posed by a group of surfers who challenge the way the local council and water authorities manage our natural resources.

Taking it further

The related resource on crime introduces us to Dan, a young man whose childhood is blighted by car crime and drug abuse, leading to his receiving an Asbo.

Where to find it

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