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Citizenship - Making space for discussion

What is it?

"TrueTube videos" is a selection of videos and materials which have been shared with the teaching community by TES Resources content partner TrueTube. They cover a wide range of citizenship topics and issues, in useful clips and interviews which are excellent ways for promoting discussion and raising awareness.

What's in it

Videos on work and employment include a young person, who is uncertain about how to find work, interviewing a range of people about their jobs - what they wanted to be and what they have ended up doing. The pros and cons of a degree are highlighted in a video featuring interviews with Kevin, who went straight into employment, and Sharon, who went to university first, while another film shows scientist Dr Maggie Anderin- Pocock talking about being inspired by space at the age of six. She describes her job, its variety and why she loves it. There are also videos where people are interviewed about their attitudes to the dole and about work and job satisfaction.

A collection of videos on gangs features interviews with a number of young people who have been involved in gangs, including a rapper whose best friend was killed in a gang attack, former gang members and a youth worker who has seen the effect of gang membership on young people. Each video is accompanied by ideas for class activities.

The Olympics are the subject of another set of films, including interviews with people in east London about the impact of the games on their community, an examination of who will benefit from the games coming to London, and a documentary looking at whether the Olympics will unite or divide the local community.

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