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That claim by Michaela was really wild

I was very interested to read the recent My Best Teacher in which TV presenter Michaela Strachan praised her dance tutor (TES Magazine, 18 February).

The article began by mentioning that she attended Claremont School, the school I now lead as principal. I suppose Ms Strachan may have been speaking slightly tongue in cheek when she suggested that Christian Science is a way to cut down on the population; however, I am afraid it may leave the wrong impression in the minds of her readers.

Claremont Fan Court School was indeed founded by Christian Scientists. It was founded on the idea that because we accept that God is good we expect good generally, and expect good from and for children. We also start from the premise that all children have unlimited God-given potential, and that our job as educators is to nurture that potential. We have a very good record of success with children of all ability levels, with children achieving excellent exam results.

Most of the students, parents and staff are not Christian Scientists. They come to our school because they appreciate the caring, supportive environment they find.

Also, while it is true that Christian Scientists do not usually rely on medicine, they are very respectful of those in the healthcare field. Students who are under medical care are supported in whatever way is needed. Those needing to do so can take medication at school with supervision.

Alice Stanley-Dervin, Claremont Fan Court School, Esher, Surrey.

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