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Clarke seeks opinions to embed ICT in teaching

Education secretary Charles Clarke has asked subject associations to work with the Department for Education and Skills (DfES) to embed ICT firmly in the curriculum. Smith believes subject teachers are not making enough use of ICT and at a conference last month he said he wanted to know what represented good ICT use in the curriculum, what obstacles for its use had to be removed and what resources, support and training were needed by subject specialists. The DfES is also interested in proposals from subject associations for initiatives to embed ICT in subject areas. Proposals must be delivered to by June 20. The DfES has also released a publication to support its embedding initiative, Fulfilling the Potential - transforming teaching and learning in schools through ICT. For a free copy, call 0845 602 2260 and quote reference DfES02652003 or download one in pdf format at or in Word at ictisdirections.doc

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