The class book review: Fing

What is a Fing? Our reviewers loved journeying into the deepest, darkest, jungliest jungle to find out, in David Walliams' latest book

Sue Parker



Author: David Walliams
Illustrator: Tony Ross
Publisher: HarperCollins Children’s Books
Details: 272 pages; £12.99
ISBN: 978-0008342579

Teacher review

Fing is the latest book from the bestselling author David Walliams, and is beautifully illustrated by Tony Ross.

It tells the simple tale of Mr and Mrs Meek, and Myrtle, their perfectly monstrous daughter. Myrtle is thoroughly spoilt and has everything she could possibly want. But everything isn’t enough. She wants more, more, more! 

When Myrtle declares she want a fing there is only one problem…what is a fing? Mr and Mrs Meek will do anything to keep their darling daughter happy, and the story tells of their quest to find one. This includes a visit to the library vaults, to consult the mysterious Monsterpedia and Mr Meek’s trip to the “deepest, darkest, jungliest jungle”, where only the rarest of creatures can be found.

Compared with other books by David Wallliams, this one is shorter and was a fairly easy read for most of my Year 4 children. They absolutely loved the toilet humour – there are lots of poo jokes – and they enjoyed the weird and wonderful names given to the monsters featured in the Monsterpedia

The front cover of the books says: “Fing is an explosively funny tale” – something the children agreed with unanimously.

Sue Parker is headteacher of Malvern Parish CE Primary School, in Worcestershire

Pupil reviews

‘Stroppy Myrtle is like my sister’

I think it was very good because nobody knew what would happen next. My favourite character was Fing and Myrtle Meek because Myrtle is always stroppy and gets her own way, like my sister. 

And I love the part when they go into the library then went to the jungle to find a Fing. But the best part is when they tell us about the stuff Myrtle got all ready because that stuff is very weird, like underpants for worms and a jar containing an Albert Einstein burp. 

I’d recommend this book to everyone because it’s really funny.

Summer, aged 8

‘Horror of all horror in the history of horror’

Meet the Meeks. They are funny and people who don’t give up to please their daughter, however dangerous, impossible or an "ARE YOU CRAZY?!!!" situation they are in. Who is this daughter? Her name is Myrtle and she is an absolute HORROR!

Myrtle is the HORROR of all HORROR in the history of HORROR. She demands everything. But when she demands a fing it changes everyfing. Everyfing goes completely wrong.

I love this book, because it’s funny and amazing.

Ben, aged nearly 9

‘For anyone who likes comedy and adventure’

One of the characters in this story is Myrtle. You might think she’s cute, but she is a real nightmare. The story is about Myrtle who gets anything she wants from her parents. Her father, Mr Meek, goes to the deepest, darkest, jungliest jungle to get her a…fing! I would recommend this book to anyone who likes comedy and adventure.

Ruvimbo, aged 8

‘Really amazing’

This story is about Myrtle, who wants a Fing and how her parents, Mr and Mrs Meek, try to find one for her. 

Mr Meek found a Fing in the swamp and almost got eaten by a crococroc. Mr and Mrs Meek lock the Fing up because he went nuts and said HA HA HA HA HA. 

My favourite characters in the book are Myrtle and Fing. I like Myrtle because she is funny and I like Fing, because he bit Mr Meek’s finger. This is a really amazing book.

Morgan, aged 9

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