The class book review: Kiss the Crocodile

What happens when various animals attempt to kiss a sleeping crocodile? Our reviewers are on the edges of their seats

Chloe Bean

Kiss the Crocodile

Kiss the Crocodile

Author: Sean Taylor
Illustrator: Ben Mantle
Publisher: Walker Books
Details: 32 pages; £6.99
ISBN: 978-1406387926

Teacher review

The Reception class at Dover College thoroughly enjoyed reading Kiss the Crocodile. The book tells a delightful story about three animal friends playing each other’s favourite games until they come across a fierce looking crocodile and her baby.

The mother crocodile invites the three friends to play a game of Kiss the Crocodile with her son. The friends egg each other on, as they try their hardest to kiss Baby Crocodile without waking him. 

The children were transfixed, as they watched each of the animal friends kiss the crocodile successfully without waking him, until it was monkey’s turn. The children took a deep breath, holding it as the monkey swings into crocodile’s lips with a great big SMACK!

Thankfully, Baby Crocodile isn’t interested in eating any of the animal friends today, but instead asks to play the games that the animal friends like to play. 

As the animals play their favourite games, the children giggled along, eager to see how Baby Crocodile would fare at each game. 

The characters and illustrations truly captured children’s attention, as they imagined joining in with the games. 

The story had a fantastic twist in the middle as you are never really sure of the crocodile’s intentions, leaving you on the edge of your seat throughout. 

The Reception class children thoroughly enjoyed this entertaining and exciting book. It sparked discussions and sharing of their own experiences of Stick Splash and other games they enjoy playing with their friends. They would highly recommend it, as would their teacher. 

Chloe Bean is Reception teacher at Dover College, in Kent.

Pupil reviews 

Lois: “I liked it when all the animals were dancing together with the crocodile. I was thinking what a real dancing crocodile would look like.”

Jack: “My best bit was when they kiss the crocodile. When they wake him up my heart started to beat.”

Spencer: “At the end, they all sit down and eat watermelon. I liked looking at the picture and thought about being friends with them.”

Ollie: “Stick Splash is really funny. I played it once with my brother, but my stick just went plop and laid flat.”

Hannah: “I liked them all kissing the monkey. It made me happy.”

Sofia: “I liked it when they played Stick Splash with the crocodile. I did Stone Splash with my brother before on the beach, and he got me soaking wet.”

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Chloe Bean

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