The class book review: Lightning Chase Me Home

Our reviewers loved this tale about a girl who's desperate to find her mum – but magic keeps on making her disappear

Eve Man

Class book review: Lightning Chase Me Home by Amber Lee Dodd is a magical book that thrilled Year 7s

Lightning Chase Me Home

Author: Amber Lee Dodd
Publisher: Scholastic
Details: Paperback, £6.99, 320pp
ISBN: 9781407191652

Aside from being an enthralling tale about a courageous girl whose mundane life is overturned by some powerful magic, Lightning Chase Me Home is a relatable story that reaches out to anyone who knows the anguish of a broken home.

What begins as a seemingly sad story quickly turns into a tense, eerie quest to find the one person Amelia is desperate to see again – her mum. But Amelia’s life is full of complex obstacles threatening to hinder her goal: a strained relationship with her father, a multitude of problems at her new school (including a relentless bully), and not to mention the disappearing…

It is with humour and realism that Amber Lee Dodd captures Amelia’s life in her new school: the “special” classes, the bullies and the kindly SEN teacher all resonate powerfully with educators like us. And when Amelia’s dyslexia destroys her hopes of excelling at school, we are, naturally, desperate to see her rise from her predicament. The novel does not disappoint.

Lightning Chase Me Home has left us inspired by bravery, mystified by magic and thankful for the ordinary things we take for granted. There is a happy ending, but you have to know where to look.


Pupil reviews: 'Everything I love in a book'

Amelia is an adventurous character and even though she’s having a difficult time at home and at school, she tries not to let that affect her. I really enjoyed the parts where she disappeared and ended up in random places mysteriously. Even though things don’t turn out the way she wants, she is fine with that.

Irene, Year 7

Lightning Chase Me Home has everything I love in a book: spooky and tense atmosphere, myths, islands and family love. It is also very funny, which makes me want to read further. The author wrote the book with lots of emotion. When I read the book, I really felt for the characters. My favourite part was when Amelia disappeared for the first time, as the description and details that Amber Lee Dodd used were vivid. I could really imagine it in my head.

Vidhi, Year 7

This book had a lovely storyline. I loved how Amelia’s wish made her realise that what she had was enough and that you should be careful what you wish for.

Suzanne, Year 7

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