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A classroom means nothing without a teacher

I think it's important to remind readers that regardless of all the raging debates around education, one cannot overlook a crucial element that is self-evident but needs to be restated constantly - that is, teachers.

Our educational system ultimately relies upon and will succeed thanks to those men and women who, on a daily basis, encourage, support, inspire and enthuse students with a passion for their subject and for learning, regardless of the resources available and with a strong focus on the needs of all our young people.

The most precious gift a child can have in the classroom is a teacher who imbues their work with a love for their subject and for helping young people. In the final analysis, it is men and women such as these who make Curriculum for Excellence and its provisions a reality. A reality that will manifest itself in their experience, ability, daily dedication and commitment.

Whatever the concerns, fanfare and invective that surround discussion of education, all elements of society need to be cognisant of the fact that teaching and learning, along with student achievement, occur and succeed as a consequence of teachers, not in spite of them.

This is true regardless of politicians, policy or political discourse and of whatever historical epoch we find ourselves in.

Michael Brady, Religious education teacher, Holyrood Secondary School, Glasgow.

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