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Clear-up of Down's report details;Letter

S THE author of the report Experiences of inclusion for children with Down's syndrome featured in your April Special Needs supplement and in an earlier article (TES, March 26) I would like to correct certain misconceptions.

First, the supplement article talks of a range of learning support "from 1.5 to 3.7 hours per week". This should read "from 1.5 to 37 hours". Second, it is important to realise that the survey only covered those families who were successful in gaining a mainstream place. In addition to those parents who had to fight for inclusion, there are undoubtedly many hundreds more who lost the fight and had to accept a special school place or alternatively educate their child at home.

Many children with Down's syndrome do remarkably well in mainstream schools and enrich the lives of all those around them.

Any reader wishing to discuss the contents of my survey is welcome to contact me via e-mail on Stephanie Lorenz 26 Worsley Road Worsley Village Manchester

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