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Teaching in Catholic schools Posted by "vcannon" on August 10, 12:40pm Can anyone confirm if you can attend Jordanhill rather than Glasgow Uni (St Andrew's) and further down the line get the Catholic qualification that allows you teach in Catholic schools?

"Scotia" on August 10, 18:41pm I think it's probably doable but you'd likely have to give the church authorities a VERY good reason for not going to St Andrew's. Make some enquiries of your local Catholic education liaison officer.

"quidditch" on August 14, 09:47pm YES it's fine. Although I went to St Andrews, I have a friend at Jordanhill who is RC. She actually asked a lecturer from St Andrews about doing her RC certificate and it isn't a problem, she said.

It isn't your time-scale in gaining the RC certificate, it is actually your local priest you have to approach for Catholic teaching approval. This shouldn't be a problem if you attend church regularly, and your approval lasts for two years.

At last, paid holidays

Posted by "soulsister" on September 7, 19:12pm Anyone else heard about this? I got a circular from the Educational Institute of Scotland which states that from August 1 temporary staff will get salary during periods of accrued leave.

This means no more being skint over the holidays!! Can't believe it. Has anyone got anything through the post about this? Is this only happening in Scotland or is it nationwide? Lastly . . . why are they keeping so quiet about it??

"quidditch" on September 12, 18:43pm Oh yep they have started paying through the holidays. First pay day today with this planned for holiday and WHAT a difference in the wage packet! Bloody hell.

Guidance on guidance

Posted by "nrm" on September 18, 12:19pm Can guidance colleagues let me know what has happened in their schools with regards guidance structures as a result of job-sizing?

"spotthedog" on September 19, 07:26am Aberdeen City has always had PT guidance posts at a rate of one per 200 pupils. At the moment this has remained unchanged. The real issues are with authorities who had a lot of APT guidance posts. What are they doing now? Aberdeen is perhaps lucky in that it has a very good guidance adviser fighting their corner.

The idea is kicking around that every teacher would be a guidance teacher for a number of pupils. What lunatic thought that one up? Obviously someone who does not know what actually happens in schools or the skills and expertise which guidance teachers need. Some teachers would possess this but a lot do not!

By the way - I am not a guidance teacher so am speaking from a neutral viewpoint.

"smade" on September 19, 19:51pm The feeling in Glasgow is that the leading lights in what was guidance have sold the jerseys. The first move was to eradicate the name and call it "pastoral care". Secondly, the job-sizing was engineered to reduce the PT post in status and remuneration, making it a less attractive career pathway (not that many PTGs ever got to be senior managers anyway).

Finally, it will be phased out completely. The administrative tasks will fall to clerical staff, the routine pastoral care will be picked up by class teachers as "student tutors" and the specialised aspects (dealing with supportive agencies, children's panel etc) will be dealt with, after a fashion, by school-based social workers in community school set-ups.

Pay in the induction year

Posted by "Carinska" on December 12, 17:32pm As a PGCE (primary) student I will start my probation year next August - will my first pay cheque therefore come in August September? Also, does the last one come in June, or is the probation year salary spread out over a full 12 months? Just not quite sure whether I will be earning in the summer after my probation year or not! Also, if I get a full-time job straight after my probation year (ha ha!) when would I start to get paid for that?

"christa" on December 14, 08:54am Our first pay was at the end of August, and we are paid a lump sum at the end of June to cover wages for June, July and half of August. Some authorities (farther north generally) worked things differently at the end of the year and just continued to pay a monthly salary during the summer.

If you get a permanent post afterwards things will be fine, and you'll be paid again from the end of August. Save a bit of that lump sum, however, if you go on the supply list. I wasn't paid until September 23! Eek!

Help, I've got a job

Posted by "Sally123" on December 11, 15:26pm Hello there everyone! I'm so happy to say that I have just got a job in a primary 6 class. Thing is, I start next week (last week of term) which is a little daunting as it's obviously a very hectic week. I'm calling on anyone with good ideas about how I should approach the week ahead. I obviously have some ideas, but has anyone any really good ideas about Xmas things to do?? (nice Xmas cards etc . . .

I'd greatly appreciate any help. Many thanks and merry Xmas!!

"andiebrown" on December 12, 01:43am Hi, You can have them write their own versions of 'Twas the Night Before Christmas or the 12 Days of Christmas. Another good one is to have them cut out a snowflake, put glitter on it and eyes. Then have them create a character of a talking snowflake. They can then be mounted together. Also, snowscapes on blue construction paper with white chalk, charcoal or oil pastels.

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