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Clips, shapes, trips and tricky stuff

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Channel 4's extensive Clipbank resource incorporates more than 1,500 clips from the channel's extensive educational output. The DT section alone contains 250 clips divided into 53 topics, covering food technology, wood, metal and plastic properties, design and evaluation strategies, and a lot more. The cost for the range of clips is pound;250, plus VAT, but you can preview much of the footage beforehand at the Channel 4 stand or on its website. Each clip, no matter how small, is presented with a fact file explaining the key words learned and subjects covered within.

* Channel4.Learning

Stand V5


Shaping up nicely

Polydron works on the principle that a thorough understanding of shape is the basis of all construction work. Using a variety of building blocks, pupils are encouraged to create increasingly complex constructions. Aimed primarily at key stages 1 and 2, Polydron's kits now include the Revolutions system, incorporating gears and pulleys to enhance building skills. The company is also showcasing its range of numeracy triangles, geometric shape builders designed to boost number skills, and a similar set of literacy-enhancing word-builder kits.

* Polydron Stand S2

Right on target

The educational benefits of a trip to Mars aren't hard to imagine, and Target:Mars makes extensive use of the science and technology concepts in space travel. While many of the resources are firmly aimed at KS3 science pupils, Target:Mars has plenty to offer gifted and talented design and technology students. As well as a host of CD and overhead projector resources, Aspire.more able also runs a series of in-school challenges.

Ranging from building a Mars lander and a communications tower to creating and programming a robot, each challenge is intended to be run as an all-day event, highlighting a range of key design and technology skills.

* Aspire.More Able Stand B36

Up in the air

Cochranes of Oxford boasts a wealth of resources and guides detailing the art of kite-making. Key to this is Kite Projects for Design and Technology (Pounds 9.80) - a book containing guidelines on making kites for KS1-4. In conjunction with this, Cochranes also provides all you need to build your own kite, from handles to tails - not to mention guides on creating a variety of different kite styles, including some designed specifically to scare birds.

* Cochranes of Oxford

Stand E58

Let's get Phunky

Phunky Foods contains a number of resources based around the concept of healthy eating. As well as the science of food and an accompanying physical activity programme, Phunky Foods boasts a wealth of food technology facts designed to help younger design and technology pupils.

Registering on the site presents you with the whole collection of available resources, many of which are free, including lesson plans and schools news.

There is also a handy "ask the experts" feature, which should present you with the answers to tricky food technology questions in no time at all.

* Phunky Foods Stand B58

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