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Clozing time

ClozePro is from the same company that gave us Clicker - Crick Software.

And like that well regarded program it too is a seemingly simple idea that actually offers quite sophisticated ways of supporting learning.

At its most straightforward you type in some text, or copy and paste it, and two clicks later you have a cloze activity with the missing words in a grid at the bottom of the screen ready to be selected at the click of a mouse.

This software lends itself to differentiation both through the length of a passage and the completion method which can be by grids, pop-up lists or just the keyboard. Distracters or red herrings can be included and you can offer a different set of words for each gap. Help is available through prompts, such as reading the text, flashing up a letter or providing a blurred outline of it in the gap and the whole program is switch accessible.

Supporting this variety of activities is a simple reporting system that shows the percentage correct as well as a copy of the pupil's final answers. These can be printed out as can the cloze activities themselves to be used as worksheets or for homework.

While ClozePro immediately offers a whole lot of possibilities for literacy work, it can be used in any subject at almost any level. This is an easy-to-use, flexible tool for creating almost instant interactive activities.


Price: pound;90 Available for Windows only.

Crick Software SN14 Tel: 0845 121 1691

Fitness for purpose ***** Ease of use ***** Design ***** Value for money *****

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