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Colour code

This anecdote was told by Mary, a learning support assistant, about an incident during our OFSTED inspection. Mary had been supervising Jack, an ll-year-old autistic boy, who had been painting.

Inspector: "Have you been painting?" Jack: "No!" Mary: "Yes you have Jack. You have done all these."

Inspector: "Oh these are nice. Do you know what colour this is?" Jack: "Dunno."

Inspector: "This is green. You get it on traffic lights. How about this? You get it on traffic lights too."

Jack: "Dunno."

Inspector to Mary: "Never mind, I expect he's had a tiring week."

The inspector departs. Mary is very angry with Jack. "You've known your colours since you were in the infants. Why didn't you tell her?" Jack: "Didn't have to. Anyway, she should know her own colours!" The author is head of a county primary school in Cambridgeshire

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