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Combative strategy

The manner in which bullying is tackled at a school contributes to its ethos and can make it more or less likely to happen.

Ignoring the problem or being too heavy-handed can be equally damaging.

Staff at St Luke's High in Barrhead are instructed that all cases of alleged or suspected bullying should be reported immediately to the appropriate depute headteacher, who would work closely with the guidance team in the investigation and ensure that the following action is taken.

l Reported incidents of alleged or suspected bullying will be dealt with as a matter of priority and appropriate action taken as quickly as possible.

* The concerns of pupils will be taken seriously and each incident will be examined on its own merits. A positive approach will prevail throughout.

* Incidents will be investigated sensitively and carefully by appropriate senior management and guidance staff.

* A record of any investigation will be kept on the pupils' files.

* Parents of the pupils involved will be contacted and kept informed throughout.

* All pupils involved in cases of bullying will be offered support. This will apply to the pupil who is suffering from bullying and the pupil found to be the perpetrator.

* Pupils who fall victim to bullying will be supported by guidance staff.

The guidance teacher will offer counselling and work with the pupil to rebuild self-confidence and self-esteem and strategies for the future.

* Appropriate sanctions will be taken against a pupil found to be bullying others. In order to deter any reoccurrence, the pupil will be supported by guidance andor behaviour support, as the reason for this behaviour needs to be addressed.

* Monitoring and, where necessary, support will be provided in the longer-term by guidance staff andor through the scheme of "named persons" (a member of staff chosen by the pupil with whom they will meet regularly).

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