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We've been restrained in our coverage of projection technology until now, mainly because it has been a minority activity. But that is changing rapidly. The trends are obvious. Schools that have spent large sums on whiteboards will want teachers who can make the most of that investment, while teachers who've used whiteboards to extend and enrich their teaching will think twice about moving to a school that doesn't guarantee them their own set-up. The writing is on the wall, or screen rather.

Which is why this issue of Online has a strong focus on projection technology. Listening to the spin of politicians, you'd think ICT in education is all about whiteboards. Discerning folk, however, recognise that the device at the heart of this classroom revolution is the projector and its ability to create a shared learning experience capable of accommodating individualised learning. Our section on projection technology (pages 10-16) tries to reflect the range of possibilities when teachers are properly equipped and supported, and a critical mass of them already are.

Shortage of space kept out a number of features this month, including one on Open Source and a review of the Kudlian iMovie resource. Apologies. They will all appear in our next issue (January 7).

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