Environmental magazine BBC Wildlife is looking for the under 16s who are helping safeguard Britain's wildlife and the environment. Closing date: April 20. The winner will get a trophy, Pounds 300 and Pounds 300 to give to a relevant charity and three other winners will receive trophies, Pounds 100 and Pounds 100 for charity. Details from April issue or PO Box 229 Bristol BS99 7JN.


British students aged 15-20 are invited to write a 1,000 to 1,200-word essay by May 2 on "My picture of Germany" for the chance of a trip to Germany from August 2-16. They are also required to submit 300 words about themselves in German and English. Accommodation is with German families. Visits to eastern Germany and Berlin are included. Entrants should be studying GCSEA-level German, English, politics, economics and history. Details: 01495 312726 or 0171 629 4975.

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