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To mark the launch of the new Honda Civic, Honda and Schools-net are running a Civic Art Competition for secondary students. Entrants are invited to submit drawings, paintings or photo-graphs, not necessarily featuring cars, based on the conceptual themes of power, space and style, which will be assessed in three age groups (Years 7-8, 9-11 and 12-13). Closing date: December 30. Prizes include seven-seater MPVs for the three winning schools, microscooters and day trips for classes to a Tate Gallery. Contact Rebecca Adamson, Honda, tel: 01753 590480, or Paul Griffin, Schoolsnet, 020 7340 0400, websites: and www.schoolsnet.com2civic Registration is invited by December 31 for the second National Schools Environmental Art Competition. Open to children aged four to 18 and judged in two age groups, primary and senior, it aims to encourage children to learn about preserving the earth and its ecostructure, the envirnment, sustainable development and waste minimisation while creating their own masterpieces. Contact the National Schools Environmental Art Competition, PO Box 9, Hoddesdon, Broxbourne, Herts EN10 7ZD or register online at

The European Schoolnet Virtual School Art Department invites students in four age groups (ages 1-6, 7-10, 11-18 and 19-plus) to create a masterpiece based on the theme Culture Box (a painting, drawing, collage, print, sculpture about the artist, which may include references to personal feelings about their ambitions, interests, friends, dreams and lives generally in 2000). Entries must be recorded with a digital camera or scanned in JPEG format and submitted with up to 100 words of text to by December 8. Prizes include digital cameras and software and work correctly submitted will be exhibited on the site. More information at www.en.eun.orgvsart art.html

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