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Complaints were a cynical ploy

I have no knowledge or experience of the situation at Mancat but suspect I may have had a role in the affair at a Northern institution outlined so floridly by your correspondent John Murphy (FEFocus, November 14).

Readers will not be aware that Mr Murphy's "courageous colleagues" failed by rather a large margin to win their grievance.

I believe that a major reason for their failure was that their chief witness, Mr Murphy, when asked to identify specific instances of bullying, intimidation and victimisation, could only bleat "there's too much paperwork".

The claims at the time were thoroughly investigated and found to be unsubstantiated, with the two complainants failing to appear during the two-day hearing.

Mr Murphy's recollections of what happened clearly differ from mine. I regarded his and his colleagues' complaints as a cynical attempt to take advantage of procedures and legislation which were designed for an entirely different purpose.

Terry Molloy 21 Halkyn Avenue Liverpool

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