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MATHEMATICS IN EDUCATION AND INdUSTRY SERIES. Foundations of Advanced Mathematics. By Diana Cowey, Dave Faulkner, Roger Porkess and David Snell. pound;9.99.

DIFFERENTIAL EQUATIONS. By John Berry and Ted Graham. pound;10.50.

STATISTICS 5 and 6. By Alec Cryer, Michael Davies, Bob Francis and Gerald Goodall. pound;16.99 each PURE MATHEMATICS 5 pound;10.50. PURE MATHEMATICS 6 pound;15.99

By Terry Heard and David Martin. Hodder amp; Stoughton.

Richard Choat on the final volumes in a comprehensive and clear series

At last, all 23 texts in the Mathematics in Education and Industry series are in print. This flexible, modular course is based on credit accumulation. Three modules are needed for an AS qualification, while six can complete a full A-level. Additional modules can be combined to provide a variety of routes to further mathematics certification.

The series authors have also kept in mind the needs of advanced GNVQ students, so the foundations text and the early components in the pure mathematics, statistics and mechanics strands are accredited for particular Royal Society of Arts GNVQs or can be included as additional units within any advanced GNVQ.

The modular structure and consistent emphasis on making mathematics accessible by relating it to practical everyday situations anticipates the changes proposed for September 2000 in the structure of sixth-form qualifications. This impressively clear and well-thought-out collection is as future-proof as any in a world where curriculum change is accelerating yearly.

The Foundations course book is designed to help pupils make the transition from GCSE to A-level and provides the essential groundwork of algebra and Cartesian geometry as well as covering the advanced GNVQ application of number key skills.

Differential Equations provides the fourth volume of the mechanics strand and culminates in the analysis of forced oscillations, after exploring the solution (analytically and numerically) of first and second-order equations.

Statistics 5 and 6 concludes, in a single volume, the statistics strand with well-crafted chapters on Markov chains, analysis of variance and regression.

Pure Mathematics 5 and 6 - separate volumes - form the conclusion of the pure strand and include fascinating approaches to Duerer's treatise on conic sections, differential geometry and the relevance of group theory to bell-ringing.

Taken as a whole the MEI series is strikingly successful in providing clear and motivating access to the mathematics needed by future scientists, engineers and technicians. The use of photographs, historical notes, thought-provoking investigations and worked examples makes this set of materials exceptionally useful in a wide range of teaching situations.

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