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Comprehensive bashing is bad grammar

Two issues leap out of your article "Time to get tough on grammars, says report" (4 May). Who could possibly argue with David Jesson's assertion that "we need a new way of measuring the performance of these schools and making sure that every pupil reaches their full potential"?

One would hope that Nick Seaton doesn't speak on behalf of the National Grammar Schools Association (NGSA) when he suggests that grammars should be judged by the same five A*-C threshold measure as non-selective schools. One would also hope that the NGSA would wish to dissociate itself from Mr Seaton's comment that "it's the comprehensives and academies whose results are atrocious".

The bigger issue relates to our reliance on the five A*-C threshold as the main national measure of performance. The primacy of this measure has damaged the experience of a generation of learners and there is little evidence that this is set to change.

David Peck, Director, the Curriculum Foundation.

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