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Computer whizz kids

Tina Royal-Clark, Year 5 teacher at Warren junior, paces her classroom as she cracks through a lesson on punctuation.

Her 27 pupils watch computer pages flick up at the front of the room as Mrs Royal-Clark explains full stops, capital letters and commas.

She taps on the interactive slate she is holding and four sentences appear on the screen. One is punctuated correctly. Pupils use Who Wants to be a Millionaire style zappers to vote for A,B,C or D.

Next, the slate is handed around four pupils, who take turns to insert quotation marks into sentences.

Then, crossing to her desk, Mrs Royal-Clark puts Daniel's homework book below the visualiser.

Suddenly, the computer image is refreshed and zooms into a page of child's handwriting and a clearly misplaced question mark.

Now it is the children's turn. They pair up, flip open their laptops and start work.

Joe Gray, 10, said: "I like using the computer. It is better than just doing normal work."

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