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JULY 19-21 RESEARCH AND CHANGE IN FURTHER AND VOCATIONAL EDUCATION. Organised by Vocational AspectJournal of Vocational Education and Training at Avery Hill Campus, Greenwich University. Topics include: research into new corporate FE colleges; NVQs and quality; needs of women returners; and competence based programmes and workplace training. Fee: Pounds 104.50. Day rates available. Details: Kath Sinnott, 0181-331 8121.


Organised by English Speaking Board at Beaumont Hall, Leicester University. Lecturesworkshops in storytelling; reading aloud; communication in the professional world; communication and technology in education; and videoconferencing. Speakers include: Elisabeth Beresford, creator of The Wombles series, and Betty Rosen, storyteller and educational consultant. Fee: Pounds 196. Details: Merriel Halsall-Williams, 01691 690483.

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