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MARCH 4 PREPARING A CASE FOR THE SPECIAL NEEDS TRIBUNAL Practical training seminar for people with some knowledge of the SEN Tribunal system. Organised by Education Law Association at The Wellcome Trust, 1 Park Square West, London NW1. Speakers: David Bateson, local education authority education officer, David Ruebain, solicitor, and Laura Ashworth, Advisory Centre for Education. Fee: Pounds 75, Pounds 40 members, Pounds 30 schoolvoluntarycharitable organisations. For more details: Sue Gold, 0181 445 6747 (telfax).

MARCH 4 LOCAL HISTORY IN THE NATIONAL CURRICULUM Organised by the British Association for Local History at the Museum of London, London EC2, for teachers of all key stages. Key speaker: Nick Tate, chief executive of the School Curriculum and Assessment Authority. Eight workshops will include such topics as: Victorian towns and their industrial development, Roman London, geography and local history, getting the most from historic sites, and using local schools as a resource. Fee: Pounds 49. Details: David Short, 01462 742385.

MARCH 9 EDUCATION, THE NEWLY IMPOVERISHED SERVICE Organised by the Midlands branch of the British Educational Management and Administration Society at School of Education, Birmingham University. Key speaker: Professor Tim Brighouse, chief education officer, Birmingham. Fee: Pounds 15, Pounds 10 members. For more information: Nick Shaw, 0116 270 4922.

MARCH 9 MAKING IT IN TEXTILES Organised by Embroidery and Textile Tutors Association at Worcestershire College of Education. Jayn Sterland will give a presentation about Textiles and Industry in Partnership with Schools, Eleanor Viegas, community museums development officer, will talk about the Aston Hall Asian Women's Textile Group, and career opportunities in textiles will be discussed. Fee: Pounds 25. Details: 01476 72377.

MARCH 22 INDEPENDENT MEANS A study day organised by BFI Education at Bradford National Museum of Photography, Film and Television for A-level teachers on teaching independent and alternative media. The speakers are: Julian Petley, Brunel University, Alan Fountain, formerly commissioning editor at Channel 4 Independent Film and Video, and Sylvia Harvey, Sheffield University. Fee: Pounds 55. Details: Nicky Crabb, 0171 255 1444 ext. 332.

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